Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hoxton Councillors Now on Twitter

Councillors traditionally keep in contact with local residents through regular public advice surgeries and letters. With the advent of emails, local residents have been able to have almost 24 hour access to councillors - well, as long as we are logged onto our accounts.

To that list we can now add Facebook, Blogger and Twitter, making us even more accountable to you and Hoxton Councillors have not shied away from any of them. If you are reading this blog post, you have already found us on blogger. Now you can access regular updates here.

If you are not on Twitter yourself but would still like to follow our posts, we will also be putting up an rss feed in the sidebar of this blog for quick and easy access.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

changes to parking restrictions

The council will be holding a consultation meeting on Tuesday 10 March at Provost Community Hall.

This will be an opportunity for local residents to help determine parking restrictions. Over the past year Ward Councillors have been lobbying the council to ensure that changes do not result in the loss of parking spaces particularly at weekends, when family are more likely to visit. We have lobbied hard to ensure that roads remain safe while giving residents the maximum opportunity to park legally and a minimal costs. We have also lobbied hard to ensure that your voices and your choices are heard.

In total 200 additional parking spaces will be provided but there will also be a significant loss of spaces. We will continue to fight for more parking but hope that you will add your voice to ours at the upcoming meeting.

Murray Grove Post Office Victory

Last night the Mayor of Hackney, Jules Pipe, announced that the London Borough of Hackney will be working with partners to re-open the Murray Grove Post Office as a social enterprise. More news will be posted on this blog as it emerges.

A big thank you to everyone who joined our campaign and who signed our petition. Victory is ours!