Thursday, November 11, 2010

Murray Grove Post Office has Re-opened

After a long fought campaign by Hoxton Councillors and the local community, Murray Grove Post Office opened today.

Hackney Council are working in partnership with Chandrakant Patel of Murray's Chemist to deliver services you would expect to find in any other post office including postage stamps, stationery, paying bills, cash deposits as well as cash withdrawals.

Although the chemist has been operating for a few weeks now, the post office opened for the business this morning.  There was a swift trade from local residents who have supported the campaign to reopen Murray Grove post office since it was launched by ward councillors Clayeon McKenzie, Philip Glanville and Carole Williams.

Councillor Clayeon McKenzie said, "It has been clear watching the first customers using the reopened post office services why our campaign had the community behind it.  There were many senior citizens who choose to use Murray Grove Post Office this morning because the on at Old Street is too far and has queues of people which mean they have to wait for up to 60 minutes."

"The reopened services will make a huge difference and we are proud that this is one of the few post offices in the country to reopen after the Post Office's closure plan."

Councillor Carole Williams said, "It's great to see the Mayor of Hackney making a commitment to Hackney residents at a time that we are heaing of deep cuts from central government.  This is a very good day for Hackney and a great day for Hoxton residents."

Councillor Philip Glanville said, "We couldn't have achieved this without the Mayor of Hackney, Jules Pipe.  It will now take the entire community to ensure that this is a successful and sustainable business so would urge the entire community, including local businesses, to use these new post office services".

For more information on the campaign by ward councillors, read previous blog posts here.