Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Hoxton Ward Forum

The new Hoxton Ward forum will meet for the first time on Wednesday 4 July in Arden Community Hall on Arden Estate.

The new forums replace the old neighbourhood committee system focussing on local issues. The agenda will be developed as a partnership between residents and councillors with the aim of improving the local area.

Put the date in your diary and and email our new Hoxton forum email account for further details. (For casework and other matters, continue to use our Hackney email addresses.)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Student Housing in Shoreditch

Earlier this year I asked Hackney's Cabinet Member for Regeneration, Guy Nicholson about the number of student halls of residence that have been opening in Hoxton as well as across Shoreditch.
Residents have contacted Hoxton Councillors to register their concerns about the impact that a large number of students will have on Hoxton.  In March, Councillor Carole Williams spoke at a planning committee against an application for yet another halls of residence on Corsham Street.

As the planning application sat within the council's own planning guidance, the application was accepted by the Committee.

However, the concerns of residents have been heard and ward Councillors have taken these on board.

You can see the letter from Councillor Nicholson here.  In summary the response states that Hackney's Core Strategy has no specific policy on student housing but that it states Hackney will  seek 'to provide a mix of housing to meet the identified needs of different types of households within the borough'.  The letter also makes reference to the London Plan which requires boroughs to work with the Mayor of London and local communities ensuring that  'strategic and local requirements for student housing meeting a demonstrable need are addressed.'

Officers are currently working on the Development Management Development Plan will will include detailed criteria based policies for the assessment of planning applications that relate to student accommodation.  At the time of writing the letter, that document was due to go to this month's Cabinet meeting scheduled for 25 April.

We will continue to update this blog with more information as it is received.