Sunday, November 25, 2012

Hackney Borough Commander to Host Live Webchat

Hackney Borough Commander to host first live webchat to answer questions from the public’s on Wednesday, 28 November at 6.30pm.

The webchat will provide people living and working in Hackney with an opportunity to ask Hackney’s top police officer questions on policing the borough and his vision of the future.

The webchat is part of Matt Horne’s commitment to speak directly with members of the public to find out their views on Hackney Police and how it can further improve.

You will be able to access the webchat on Wednesday 28 November at 6.30pm via the Met Police’s website at: The webchat will also be hosted live by the Hackney Gazette at:

If you can’t make the webchat you can pre-submit questions in advance at: or on Twitter using the hashtag #AskHackneyPolice

Friday, November 23, 2012

Tell Us Your Views on Hackney's Night Life

The Living in Hackney Scrutiny Commission is completing a review of how the Council manages the impact of late-night entertainment in the borough.

The ‘night time economy’ in Hackney includes pubs, bars, restaurants, cinemas, nightclubs, and live music venues. Areas like Shoreditch and Dalston have vibrant night lives, and whilst this attracts visitors and business to the area it also causes problems for local residents and pressure on public services.

The Commission is keen to hear the views of local residents as part of this review, as well as those going out in Hackney at night.

An online survey has been set up for residents to share their views to be included in this review. The online survey can be found here.

At the end of this review the Commission’s councillors will make recommendations about how services can be improved, based on the evidence they have heard.