Sunday, April 25, 2010

5 Reasons to Vote Labour on 6 May 2010

  • Hackney's Labour Council has frozen the council tax for FIVE years running - the only council in the country to do so.
  • Crime in Hackney has fallen by 39% over the last six years under labour - the biggest drop in London.
  • £225 million unlocked fro Decent Homes works providing new windows, roofs, kitchens or bathrooms for 14,000 residents so far.
  • 27% of Hackney's rubbish is now recycled, collecting an average of FIFTY tonnes a day.
  • FIVE brand new secondary schools have been built and last year Hackney's pupils got the best GCSE results EVER in the borough.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Our Pledges for Hoxton

Yesterday we wrote about Hackney Labour's election manifesto. Today, we want to let you know about the 5 elections pledges that we are making to our electors Hoxton. They are:
  • To invest in green spaces in Hoxton - the next phase of Shoreditch Park's renewal, more allotments and growing spaces on estates.
  • Ensure Thomas Fairchild School is rebuilt
  • Tackle crime and anti-social behaviour in Hoxton, particularly street drinking and dog fouling
  • Support the local economy, including local shops, the market and re-opening Murray Grove Post Office
  • Continue to improve estates in Hoxton with residents' priorities at the heart of our housing service
We believe that our pledges build on the work that we've been doing in Hoxton over the last council term and we want to build on them.

Thomas Fairchild School

On 30 July 2009 a fire ripped through Thomas Fairchild school.  Over 100 fire fighters using 20 fire engines fought to bring the fire under control.  Sadly, however, the school could not be saved.  

Since then Hoxton Councillors pushed the Mayor of Hackney and the Learning Trust  to ensure that the school is re-provided on the same site because it is our priority to have a school where pupils in Hoxton and De Beauvoir can continue their education.  
The Mayor of Hackney, Jules Pipe has assured us that his will happen.  

We have learned that the building has only recently been released back to the Council from the insurance company and, due to the size of the site and nature of the damage to the building, the site will need to be cleared by hand.  The rebuilding work will therefore be a time consuming task but it will ensure the safety of the Children's Centre that was undamaged during the fire, local residents and properties that are in close proximity to the site as well as the safety of those working on the site.

The re-building should be completed by the summer 2012.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hackney Labour's Election Manifesto

The election manifesto for the 2010 local elections has been launched by Hackney labour.

Highlights of our commitments are:
  • make it easier for people to report anti social behaviour and noise nuisance
  • launch a campaign for responsible dog ownership
  • commit to further support for victims of domestic violence
  • increase drug and alcohol treatment places by 10%
  • we will plant at least another 1,000 street trees
  • we will look to expand our recycling service further
  • all residential streets will be covered by a 20mph speed limit by 2014
  • we will look to support those residents who want to grow more of their own food
  • continue to provide free swimming for children and the elderly
  • continue to work with the Hackney Empire to ensure it reopens
  • we will complete the rebuilding or refurbishment of all our secondary schools
  • six primary schools will be rebuilt or refurbished to the highest standards
  • we will open five new youth centres
  • we will complete Decent Homes on our estates by 2013
  • we will use all our powers to bring empty properties back into use
  • by 2013 - we will have created 100 council apprenticeships
  • we'll increase the number of council services available online
You can read the full document here.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Your labour team for the 2010 local elections on 6 May 2010 are:
  • Cllr Phil Glanville
  • Cllr Clayeon McKenzie and
  • Cllr Carole Williams
If you have any questions about our work for Hoxton please do not hesitate to get in touch. You can keep in touch with us throughout the election period by visiting this blog.

Register to Vote in the 2010 Elections

On 6 May 2010 you will have your chance to have your say in council elections, a Mayoral election and the parliamentary elections.

If you have not yet registered to vote, you still have time to do so.  Click here for details.

You will have five votes on 6 May: 3 for your local ward councillors, 1 for the Mayor of Hackney and one for your Member of Parliament.

We will be asking you to vote for:

  • Carole Williams, Philip Glanville and Clayeon McKenzie as your ward councillors
  • Jules Pipe for Mayor of Hackney
  • Meg Hillier as your Member of Parliament.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

2010 Local Elections

Local Elections will be held on 6 May and if you haven't yet registered to vote, you can do so here. You have until Tuesday 20 April 2010.