Friday, February 11, 2011

Five Facts about the 2011 Census

  1. The 2011 Census is taking place in March and Royal Mail will begin sending out forms from 7 March. They will arrive in our letter boxes about a week later.
  2. Forms should be completed on or as soon after the 27 March (Census Day) but they can in fact be completed and returned in advance.
  3. If you have access to the internet, remember that you can complete the census online.
  4. If there are more than 6 people in your household, you will need to order extra forms. The national helpline number will be printed on the first page of the census. They will be the first port of call for help.
  5. If we don't get a very good response rate in Hackney, it could cost the borough hundreds of millions over the coming decade. The population figures are used as a basic factor in calculating the Revenue Support Grant, health and education funding and for other services.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

London Cycle Hire Scheme

The London Cycle Hire scheme has been a great success with many of the cycles stations in Hoxton out of bikes during the morning rush hour and full again by early evening. 

Because of that success Transport for London have approved plans to intensify the number of sites in the existing area of the scheme. 

TfL have recently agreed funding for 10-12 sites.  Some of these will be within the existing area and others will be in the extended phase 2 of the scheme.  More news on phase two will be posted as soon as we have an update.

It is proposed that a number of these will be in Hoxton around Eaglewharf Road, near Fanshaw Street and on Pitfield Street.  Sites will be shortlisted soon.  As with the original scheme each site will need to go through the formal planning application process.  As soon as we have any more information, we will update this blog.