Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Great news for Local People

We have passed another hurdle in our campaign to have Murray Grove Post Office reopened. Click here to read story in Hackney Gazette

Copenhagen Conference on Climate Change comes to Hackney

From 7-18 December 2009 in Copenhagen, delegates from 192 countries will meet to discuss and come to an agreement on:
  • a new treaty to follow the Kyoto protocol which expires in 2012; 
  • new targets for industrialised nations to reduce carbon emissions; 
  • new targets for poorer nations to limit greenhouse gases; 
In preparation for that Ed Milliband, the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change held a rally here in Hackney to discuss the impact that climate change is already having in the world. A live link to Kenya was arranged and Abdi spoke powerfully about how climate change is affecting the community there. He told us how the cycle of droughts used to last about 11 years but that this has been reducing. Now Kenya experiences droughts every 2 years. These are swiftly followed by floods and as a result, Kenya has lost up to 80% of their live stock, making it increasingly difficult for families to find food.

Kenya might seem like a long way away and what is happening there may seem to have no consequence for our lives but, Hackney is a very diverse community. The chances are that you will know someone who who is suffering as a direct result of this kind of environmental impact.

The messages were strong and clear. For those of us in the west reducing our carbon emissions is a lifestyle choice. But for people like Abdi in Kenya and other developing countries, it is a matter of life and death.

The plea was for all of us to reduce our carbon emissions.

You can read here what steps have taken to reduce emissions when Hackney Council signed up to the 10:10 campaign.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Full Council Meeting, Wednesday 28 October 2009

This month's council meeting will take place on Wednesday 28 October at Hackney Town Hall. The agenda is available on the website here.

Items of note on this months agenda include a question from Councillor Carole Williams on steps the council will be taking to improve response times of Safer Neighbourhood Teams when responding to reports of crime taking place on council estates.

Other questions will also be asked on Council Tax Levels for next year; the council's efficiency savings as well as Hackney Empire.

The council will also consider a motion to condemn the Mayor of London's recent announcement that he will increase bus and tubes fares, disproportionately affect Hackney residents.

No armed police patrols in Hackney

Hackney Central Councillors are now blogging here.  Their most recent post confirms Hackney's borough commander has announced that there will be no armed patrols in Hackney.  You can read the post here.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Should a Wind Turbine be Built on Hackney Marshes

This week Hackney Council launched a consultation on whether or not to use part of Hackney Marshes for the construction of a wind turbine. 

If this massive project goes ahead, it will make a considerable contribution toward reducing Hackney’s carbon emissions.  It will also provide green energy for the borough for the next 25 years and, rent from the for the land the turbine would sit on could be invested in sports and playing facilities on the Marshes.

Anyone can respond to the consultation so if want to have your say on whether this project should go ahead, click here.

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Tackling Homophobic Crime

You may have heard recent news reports on homophobic crime. Hoxton Councillors have been concerned about these reports and have sought guarantees from Hackney's Cabinet Member with responsibility for Neighbourhoods that the Council are working with Hackney Police to reassure Hackney residents and tackle hate crime.  We have received the following response to a question that was raised at last month's full council meeting:
From Cllr Williams to the Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods: 'I welcome news in the most recent Safer Neighbourhoods Team newsletter in which information is given on the work being done by dedicated police teams to tackle hate crime against Hackney's LGBT community. Would the Cabinet Member highlight how the police are working in partnership with neighbouring boroughs to address the problem of homophobic crime?'
Each Borough Metropolitan Police Authority (MPA) has a LGBT Police Liaison Officer who link into the Community Safety Unit; this is coordinated through New Scotland Yard.
Hackney Metropolitan Police Authority has 8 LGBT Police Liaison Officers and a coordinator who work in these roles voluntarily to support victims of homophobic crime. There is an East London Out Project (ELOP) based in Walthamstow that co-ordinate a 3 monthly meeting that brings all the LGBT Police Liaison Officers across the Borough's to tackle homophobic crime by sharing cross Borough intelligence. There is a further monthly networking meeting of LGBT Police Liaison Officers across the East London Borough's where they discuss and share ideas.
Recently Councillors Philip Glanville and Carole Williams also spent an evening with Hackney Police's LGBT Liaision Officer to get a first hand view of what the police are doing to work with local licence holders and club goers to keep residents safe while out.

We don't want anyone to be the victim of crime so would urge you to speak to the LGBT Liaison Officer for advice and information.  The number is 020 7275 3183 or you can email by clicking here.

Thursday, October 01, 2009


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