Friday, July 31, 2009

Re-open Murray Grove Post Office

Residents have previously shown their concerns when Royal Mail proposal to close Murray Grove Post Office. And, Hoxton Councillors have been campaigning for it to be re-opened. The Mayor of Hackney has supported the campaign and, earlier this year announced that he would set aside resources for its reopening.

But before the project to go any further, Royal Mail want proof that residents really do want the post office to be reopened. That is way Hackney Council is in partnership with Shoreditch Trust asking for views to put together a case that will be presented to Royal Mail. Only when they are satisfied that there is a demand will they give the go ahead for it to be reopened.

Some residents will have already received a questionnaire asking for views. Others may have been visited by community interviewers. We are asking for as many people as possible to respond to make the strongest possible for Royal Mail to reopen the post office. We are also asking residents to attend the consultation event that will take place at Provost Community Hall on Murray Grove on Tuesday 4 July at 6pm.

Surveys are available from the following locations
  • Shoreditch Library,
  • Shoreditch Trust shop in Hoxton Street; or
  • Murray’s Chemist in Murray Grove
  • Businesses:
  • online (click here to complete)
For more informationCall Ben Smith on: 020 7033 8521; or

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

"Backing Young Britain" Launched in Hackney

Hoxton was chosen for the place to launch "Backing Young Britain", a programme which brings together business, public and voluntary sector to create more opportunities for young people. The event was held at the Hoxton Apprentice on Hoxton Square and invited guests included Yvette Cooper MP, John Denham MP, Peter Mandelson and Jim Knight MP as well as the CBI, Dame Kelly Holmes and a host of young people. They include apprentices working at the Hoxton Apprentice, recent university graduates and graduates from the Prince's Trust.

It was an opportunity for leading members of the media, the CBI, charities and the government to learn how young people want to be supported into work, training and apprenticeships.

The message from young people was clear. They wanted more access to information, more support in getting a job and training and they did not want to be overlooked during the current economic climate.

Here are just a few of the comments I heard.

"We need more accessible support for young people."

On information about apprenticeships and internships
"There are quite a few programmes for young poeple to get into work. They just don't know about it."
On getting experience in economically difficult times.
"Professionals are dropping back down the ladder into the areas we need to get experience in."
On getting retail experience
"There's a lot of stigma attached to young people and some retail shops want CRB checks."
On applying for an unpaid internship
"There were 150 applicants for an eight week internship."
"Internships have become a necessary part of getting a job."

More information is available on the Backing Young Britain website.