Friday, December 20, 2013

Kingsland Road Fire Station will Close

Hackney Council is one of 7 local councils to lose the High Court battle over Mayor of London Boris Johnson's proposals to close 10 fire stations in the capital, including Kingland Road Fire Station.

We previously wrote about Boris Johnson's plans on this blog here and we are very disappointed to learn of this news today. 

It was only 4 years ago the flames engulfed Thomas Fairchild School. 75 fire fighters and 15 fire engines attended that blaze.

And on 30 November that police, Fire Brigade and Ambulance services attended a blaze on Wenlock Barn Estate, a short distance from the one at Thomas Fairchild School.  

Due to the swift action of the emergency services, the blaze was quickly contained and no one was hurt.  We are concerned, however, that should there be a substantial blaze again in the future, the closure of Kingsland Road Fire Station could put an unnecessary strain on Old Street Fire Station.