Friday, April 18, 2014

Hackney's Forthcoming Transport Strategy 2014-2024

Hackney has undertaken many ambitious projects in the past 4 years to improve walking, cycling and public transport conditions and options for all residents in the borough; including schemes such as Goldsmiths Row, Pitfield Roundabout, Broadway Market, and the Narrow Way.

Hackney has ambitious plans to make our borough the most sustainable urban living space in London.  To achieve this Hackney will set out a coherent set of sustainable transport policies, proposals and actions in its forthcoming Transport Strategy 2014-2024.

Some of the goals we want to achieve by 2024 are to ensure:

  • Hackney remains one of London's most liveable borough with green, safe and thriving neighbourhoods, streets and public spaces where different communities get on and interact.
  • To have play an important role in improving resident's health and well being, as well as tackling obesity levels through higher rates of active travel.
  • Continue to advance the case for key public transport infrastructure improvements in Hackney and promoting linked trips, with Crossrail 2 which is at an advanced stage of design and implementation.
  • Enhance residents' access to jobs, training and essential services without increasing congestion on public transport or roads.
  • Strengthen the role of sustainable transport in facilitating Hackney's continued regeneration and supporting the local economy through initiatives such as the 'Love Hackney, Shop Loca' campaign.
  • Continue the reduction of car ownership and made it unnecessary for residents to need to own a private vehicle.
  • Significantly improve air quality and lowered carbon emissions from our transport system.
  • To be better prepared for the implications of climate change on the public realm and transport network.