Friday, May 02, 2014

Election Pledges 2014

Over the past few months Hoxton West Councillors have been speaking to local residents to ask what your priorities are for the ward for the next four years.  Based on what you have told us, we are making five election pledges to you. If elected we will...

  1. Campaign to see better regulation of the private rented sector in Hackney, continue to resist Tory and Lib Dem attacks on social housing and fight nationally with the Labour Party to end the Bedroom Tax.
  2. Improve the local environment by planting more street trees, improve cycling facilities and lobby to hold the Mayor of London to account on delivering better air quality in Shoreditch.
  3. Fight for improvements to our local roads and public realm including New North Road junctions and crossings, Murray Grove and Cropley Street shopping area and Pitfield Street.
  4. Ensure that Hoxton West's local parks and green spaces such as Shepherdess Walk Park and Charles Square get the investment they need and work to bring toilets and cafe to Shoreditch Park. Work with the Council to improve leisure facilities at Britainnia Centre.
  5. Complete the Decent Homes programme in Hoxton West over the next 12 months and deliver new investment to those homes left out of the original Decent Homes programme on Fairbank, Provost, Charles Square, Wenlock Barn, Windsor Terrace, Haberdasher and St John's Estates. Finish the regeneration of St Leonard's Court.